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Terms and conditions

Terms of use of the platform:


This document includes the terms of use of the Nahal Educational Platform on which the services of this platform can be used either as a visitor or as a registered user.


Your use of the platform is subject to terms of use so please read it carefully before you start using it. Your use of the platform is an affirmation of your acceptance of the terms of use and your consent to abide by the terms and provisions of your agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of use, you must refrain from using the platform.




Your account and password


If you or your choice of username, password or any other information for which we guarantee privacy, the Platform has the right to use all your information within its scope only, and you must treat this information as confidential. Accordingly, it is forbidden to disclose it to any other person and the site may disable the username or password when it is proven otherwise, i.e. if people share the same account or information.




Prohibited use


The platform is only allowed for legitimate purposes and therefore the following is prohibited:


* Other people share the same account to enter a course or benefit from a service.


* Post, leak or rewrite any content for courses outside the scope of the site.


* Use any part of the site's content and courses for commercial purposes.


* Advertising and marketing is not authorized for any products and services.


* Abuse, deception, breach of the privacy of others, or disturb any users of the platform.




You are also committed to:


• Do not reproduce, repeat, copy or resell any part of the platform and courses.


• Do not distort your identity while registering or using the platform.


• Do not claim a refund after benefiting or registering with any course or service.


Access to the site and modifications 


The platform guarantees continuity and availability of the content of courses and services to subscribers for at least three months except what has been specified in any course or service, and the administration has the right to update and change the content of the platform or courses or terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice, so visitors and registrants must update Visit periodically.




Limits of responsibility


The platform assumes no liability to any user for any loss or personal damage, including the inability to continue training due to illness, internet outages, busyness or other personal reasons.




Intellectual property rights


We own all the intellectual property rights of the platform, its contents and the brand. All these rights are reserved and protected. The name, trademark or any content of the platform, including courses, may not be used without permission.




Comment and end of account


Failure to comply with the terms of use leads to all or any of the following actions:


• Warning you.


• Immediate, temporary or permanent suspension of your right to use the site.


• Take legal and legal action against you to compensate the site for all costs and damages resulting from the breach of terms of use (including but not limited to the posting of content or privacy violation! may result in your suspension, prosecution and material compensation).


• Take any other regular measures against you at the discretion of the site.

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